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What is Tramadol Citra 100mg?

Tramadol Citra 100mg is a strong painkiller. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain, for example after an operation or a serious injury. It’s also used to treat long-standing pain when weaker painkillers no longer work.

Tramadol is used to moderate to severe pain, including after-surgery pain. It is a more potent painkiller. Citra Tramadol medicine belongs to a class of drugs known as opioids. It is an entirely synthetic opioid. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- approved Tramadol for pain relief medication. Citra Tramadol is a specific type of narcotic and prescription-needed medicine. It is available under the brand name Ultram, Ultram ER, Conzip, and as a generic. It acts on the brain and spine (central nervous system) to reduce or change your pain.


The product is available in the form of the following dosage:

  1. Tablet
  2. Capsule, extended-release
  3. Solution
  4. Capsule, Extended Release, 24 hours
  5. Tablet, Extended Release 
  6. Suspension 

Is Tramadol Citra 100mg a Narcotic?

Tramadol is a specific type of narcotic medicine called an opioid that is approved to treat moderate to moderately severe pain in adults. It is available under the brand names Ultram, Ultram ER, Conzip, and also as generics.

Tramadol is considered to be a synthetic analgesic means an active and instant pain reliever, it effects central nervous system along with spinal cord that provides relief from pain instantly usually given on prescription of doctor under his or her guidance.

Tramadol belongs to the strong mind bending or hallucinogenic category of drugs the effects have been visible in 15-20 minutes and last for more than 6 hours, Tramadol can be prescribed separately or can be given along with paracetamol. BUY TRAMADOL CITRA 100MG ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION 2023

Tramadol is considered to be a strong drug so should be taken under supervision and according to indications, unauthorized intake can lead to serious consequences and results. Without prescription usage can lead to mental and physical dependencies. Do not involve in work that requires high concentration, like driving or working on high altitude.

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Usually it’s prescribed under following conditions:

  • Fracture
  • Surgery
  • Severe or acute pain resulting from a injury
  • Do not use Tramadol with narcotics or alcohol

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Avoid taking Tramadol, if you are hyper sensitive to the component of the drug

  • Breathing problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Renal or liver failure
  • If you are lactating

Before taking Tramadol Citra 100mg tablets, inform your doctor:

  1. If you have recently used sedatives, tranquilizers, alcohol, or narcotic medications
  2. Urination problems
  3. Breathing problems, sleep apnea, or severe Asthma
  4. If you have employed an MAO inhibitor in the last fourteen days (such as Methylene blue injection, linezolid, phenelzine, isocarboxazid, or tranylcypromine).
  5. Problems with your gallbladder, pancreas, or thyroid
  6. Mental illness or suicide attempt.
  7. Liver or kidney disease 
  8. Taking other opioid medicines
  9. Sleep medicine, muscle relaxer, or another drug that makes you tired

If you are allergic to it, have any of these problems, or have ever had one. It would be best to tell your doctor not to take Tramadol to ensure your safety. PURCHASE TRAMADOL ONLINE IN USA

Symptoms of Tramadol Citra 100mg withdrawal:

  1. Irritability
  2. Chills
  3. Nausea or vomiting
  4. Sweating
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Anxiety
  7. Body aches and pain in the muscles or joints
  8. Stomach cramps
  9. Drug craving 
  10. Insomnia
  11. Teary eyes
  12. Yawning
  13. Teary eyes
  14. Runny nose, coughing, and sneezing
  15. Goosebumps
  16. Loss of appetite
  17. Trouble falling or staying asleep

It can create dependency and addiction when abused. Research indicates that 90% of people experience Tramadol withdrawal symptoms, while the other 10% may experience severe confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, extreme paranoia, tingling or numbness, and hallucinations in their extremities. BUY TRAMADOL 100MG ONLINE FREE SHIPPING 

Some factors that can influence Tramadol withdrawal symptoms include your age, mental health, genetics, other drug use, and your history of substance abuse. 

Other factors that can also influence withdrawal include:

  1. How much you use
  2.  Duration of your drug use
  3.  How often do you use

If you are using Tramadol, do not drink alcohol. There are severe side effects, or death can occur.

If you are expecting a baby or planning to become pregnant, don’t use Tramadol or consult your doctor.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Tramadol during breastfeeding, is harmful for the baby.

Tramadol Withdrawal Timeline

Tramadol symptoms typically reach the most intense point in 2 to 3 days after taking the last dose and usually last for five to eight days. Not everyone’s withdrawal experience is the same; they could differ from person to person. The symptoms can depend on the following factors:

  1. Size of your last dose 
  2. How long has someone been using Tramadol
  3. Person took Tramadol with other drugs
  4. The format of the drug (powder, pill, or intravenous injection)  

Tramadol starts to work in 60 minutes and is effective after three hours. In addition taking other drugs or alcohol with Tramadol can also increase all potential risk factors and impact withdrawal. 

Who can take Tramadol?

Adults and children 12 years and over can take Tramadol, but it is not for children younger than 12. For adults- doctors recommend 100 milligrams (mg) once daily; doctors may also increase the dose if needed.

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